Qualifying Species

Big Game Club  Recognizes 17 Big Game Species
- Black Bear 
- Typ/Non-Typ Mule Deer
- Typ/Non-Typ Pacific Hybrid Deer
- Typ/Non-Typ Blacktail Deer
- Typ/Non-Typ American Elk
- Typ/Non-Typ Roosevelt Elk
- Typ/Non-Typ Tule Elk
- Pronghorn Antelope
- Desert Bighorn Sheep
- Typ/Non-Typ Wild Turkey
- Coyote
- Bobcat
Mainland Hogs - On September 12, 2002, the Mainland Hog/Island Hog species recognition was changed to Wild Hog due to the closure of Island Hunting. 
Catalina Island Spanish Goat, Santa Cruz Island Merino Sheep and Island Hogs - Island species harvested after February 10, 1997, shall not be accepted as a record book entry.
Cougar - At the present time, no hunting of Cougar is allowed. A moratorium enacted by the legislature in 1972 denies all hunting of Mountain Lion, except in cases of depredation. 
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