Lifetime Achievement Award

Selecting a Bowhunter of the Year proved to be a difficult task. Voters were torn between honoring a bowhunter for his accomplishments or for an overall archer and their contributions to the sport.

A new award was needed to honor those persons who have dedicated their lives to the support and advancement of archery and bowhunting. A recipient would not be required to be a legendary bowhunter, but quite often a person’s ability to be an ambassador to the sport has a lot to do with their reputation. In other cases, the desire to be a great bowhunter is there, but Lady Luck may not have blessed some of us with the skills and ability to fill up the record book with trophy animals.

In 1999, the Big Game Records Committee voted to begin the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award to honor those members who have worked so tirelessly to promote and support California bowhunting.

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