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Your Big Game Committee Members
Here are the committee members and their respective areas of service:
Pictured above (left to right) are: Chriss Bowles, CBH President; J Barr, Small Game Chairman: Gary and Sandy McCain, Brad Grap, Art Cain (Past Records Chairman) Joe Wylie, Legislative Representative; Rodney York, CBH 2nd V.P. of Hunting and Lawren Wylie, Social Media Consultant. Other members of your committee not pictured are: Mark Sasser Big Game Records Chairman, Steve Walters

Welcome to our newly redesigned and formatted webpage. Since the end of 2022 your committee has been working closely with David Bacon, (our web master) to update our operating system of some ten years old. In addition we wanted a more streamline intuitive site in which members could maneuver around more easily. Of further interest; it is our hope to post two pictures each Monday “from the field”. While our efforts have been behind the scenes so as not to disrupt our past site, we were in a hurry to share this site with you as soon as we could. Most importantly, our records keeping program has also been upgraded. We are looking forward to resume work on a new Record Book. Our apologies upfront as we know we do not have every animal listed that was turned in to our records department. There are roughly four years of harvested animals which were compromised due to the old system. WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you know about animals and hunters names missing please contact:

Mark Sasser
BGC Records Chairman
8735 N Cedar Ave
Unit 107
Fresno, CA 93720

Please include the name of the hunter, species of animal harvested, County, the date, score and several of your highest pixel photographs in the email so the animal(s) can be researched for entry. Thank you in advance for helping us to recreate our records and the integrity of our club!

Continue your hunting successes,
Rodney York - 2nd V. P. Hunting

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10K Drawing Fundamentals and Rules


A week from Saturday is

opening inland archery season for DEER

California Big Game Club is proud to announce our newest recipient of the LIFETIME Achievement Award.

Bill Gaines pictured here with his wife Wanda

Bowhunter of the Year

4th EVER WOMAN Bowhunter of the Year - Congradulations Debhra Roney!

Dreams do come true

Records Chairman

We would like to welcome Mark Sasser as the new Records Chairman
CBH/SAA members and the Big Game Committee want to thank Art Cain. His involvement in CBH clubs and archery as a whole has been enjoyed since the early nineties. Art has also service on our Big Game Committee nearly continuously since 1994. Without active, dedicated members such as Art our sport can not continue. Ask an officer how YOU can become involved.

2023 Big Game Club Banquet

About the CBH-SAA Big Game Club

In 1962, and still today, the purpose of the Big Game Records Club was to provide a fair and complete records system for big game animals taken by bowhunters within the state boundaries of California, and to provide a system of goals by which bowhunters throughout the state may set their own standards….

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Submit Your Animal

Animals may be submitted for Record Book entry if they meet or exceed the listed minimum score, or for Species Credit if they fail to meet the record book minimum. At the present time we are accepting record book entry applications for the following species with minimum scores…

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